Dr. Weider at UCLA - any experience?

Have any of you ever used Dr. Wieder at UCLA? Any recommendations? www.wiederderm.com

There are lots of recommendations in Los Angeles on this forum. Scroll down in this very thread and you’ll see LOS ANGELES RECOMMENDATIONS right there.

You need to determine the type of laser you need first. It doesn’t matter if someone is a doctor or anything else really if they don’t have what you need.

Yes, for Dr. Wieder it is his nurse that does it. The nurse seems quite qualified and has been practicing for several years. You have mentioned him in one your previous posts on who uses the Yag, but I haven’t seen any other mention of him. One of my concerns is the price, as he charges $300 just for the chin. I know in your Laser FAQs you mention $50 - $150 as the general price for the chin.

But thank you, I just saw your response in another post where I quoted $275. I already stated my concerns in that thread with electrolysis and will await response.

As I mentioned in the other post, laser is NOT a substitute for electrolysis. There is only one type of hair that laser can treat. On the rest, it won’t work or will make things worse.

Electrolysis doesn’t have to be painful or cause bad side effects. There are good electrologists with new computerized machines like Apilus using fast methods like thermolysis (microflash etc). I provide info on several in LA where I had lots of areas treated with no issues.

Yes, those prices are expensive. But once again, it will be even more expensive to get rid of potential NEW hair you develop or to have to switch to electrolysis after paying all that because laser doesn’t work on that type of hair.

None of my numerous treatments at UCLA had any lasting benefit.

I went to Wieder for my chin and had great results. They’d been recommended by my dermatologist, so I didn’t even do price comparison at the time. Now I’m definitely looking for someone else, because their prices are way out of line, even for the results I got. She can’t be the only person in L.A. who knows how to work that particular machine. :slight_smile: