Dr. Ross in San Diego?????

Can someone please tell me how to locate the practise for this doctor for lhr. I heard it was shared on this forum. Search hasn’t turned up anything.
Or any other San Diego recommendations where they use Nd: Yag???


you can also try Cutera and Candela website provider searches (Coolglide and GentleYag lasers are Yags by these manufacturers)

I have been wondering the same thing. I’ve heard really good things about Dr. Ross. He is very well established in LHR. If you do a google search on him, you’ll find a whole bunch of articles and papers he has published on LHR.

The only website I have been able to locate for him is on the Scripps Clinic website: Dr. Ross at Scripps Clinic

I am going to try and contact him in the next couple of weeks.


Yes, did that, and found a private practise pretty close to me using Coolglide. Have an appt on Sat. Also have an appt with Kayou clinic, have you heard anything about them?


I had the same experience, most places use Lightsheer.
I just called the Dr. Ross’s office in Scripps clinic in La Jaolla and the first appt. they have is mid March, because he is only at that clinic 4 days a month! He is a naval physician and no idea whether he does these procedures at the Naval Hospital. Oh, and they use lightsheer and Gemini laser for hair removal.
btw, Mantaray’s post is very depressing, the possibility of spending thousands of dollars with no benefit is pretty scary. And there are others saying it hasn’t worked for them. It would be good if there were more posts from folks who finished their treatments years ago and still have no/little hair.
We still move forward on the hope that we may be one of the lucky few.

good luck to you too!

a good way to start and not spend a lot of money is trying it out on one smaller areas and not purchase set of treatments in advance. I started with bikini, had one treatment, loved the results and only then kept adding on more areas. still no commitments, only pay per visit.

I did the same. Started with the hands, liked the results, then moved on to other areas.

Why throw out thousands of dollars right away? See if it works first.

And thanks for the info on Dr. Ross! I am going to try and see if he does any LHR procedures through the Naval Hospital; however I doubt it.

Good Luck,

Just got back from my consultation with Dr. Ross, a very prominent physician in San Diego, and I thought I would share some of our conversation.

First off, he said lhr does kill follicles, and does cause permanent loss of hair if done properly.

He said he has been doing lhr for ten years, which I believe because if you do a Google search on him, you’ll find he lectures all the time about lhr and has conducted many studies in the field.

He looked at the areas I wanted to be treated and said I was perfect for lhr, but did say that lhr is very unreliable in results.

He said the biggest problem with lhr is burning, but said I need not worry about that cause my skin is light enough. To which he added, “Some people come to me with darker skin and brown hair, and I have to turn them away.”

He said the one problem for me might be that I don’t see very good results, which is a possibility, but unlikely.

He said 3-4 treatments should result in the death of about 80% of the follicles, but of course that can’t be guarenteed.

Like with the varying results, he said pain is another factor that is an individual thing. He noted that women handle it better than men.

He charges $300 for just the abs at Scripps Clinic, but does do lhr treatments at the Naval Hospital for about half the price of Scripps Clinic.

If you are in the SD region, I would recommend seeing him. He is very nice and very straight forward. He knows what he is talking about.