Dr. Oz episode on MediSpa dangers seeks clients

From a producer. Please contact Sash directly.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today and your willingness to help out with the Dangers of Medi Spa segment.

We are looking for women to share their personal stories via flip cam to be featured on the show. We would not need them in studio.

We would love to have submission in by Friday, August 8th- so would need to start talking with folks ASAP.

I look forward to working with you.


Sasha Mitchell-Fuller | Associate Producer | The Dr. Oz Show
O: 212-259-1588 | smitchell-fuller@zoco.com
ZoCo Productions | 1270 Ave of The Americas 7th Floor, NY, NY 10020

Wonderful to see you “here and there” on YOUR website, Andrea. don’t stay away so long … you might find Hairtell stimulating; I still do.

I was contacted 6-weeks ago by a person doing a report of women removing, you know, “everything down there.” I had three clients that were willing to do an interview.

However, I backed-out because it was not a written article, it was a TV spot (I found out the day before).

Problem is, you never know how the news-reporter is going to “spin” this. The story could have been “Crazy California Women.” The reporter could not (and should not, I understand journalism) guarantee how the thing was going to go.

Still my clients were willing. I was not … I had to protect them from any possible ridicule. Yeah, it happens!

This subject, however, seems “safe.” Looks like some sort of exposé?

Lost it again! DAMN!