Downy hair removal with electrolysis


Im still in the process of finding an electrolysist that i trust, at the moment i am seeing a lady which is well known in the area and has been electrolysist of the year in England.

But at the moment i am not getting full clearance, because she is so busy its hard to get long appointments reguarly and also because she does not seem to like to remove all the light hairs that i have.

I have dark hair all around my chin neck and face. They are not very dense but are tough but i also have long light hairs all over my face. I feel that these light hairs annoy me just as much as the darker ones but she seems to feel that if she treats one area completly my face would be over treated. But i really want to be able to feel a smooth when i finish a appointment even if it is just a small patch.

Is she right not to treat these “downy” hairs?

I thought that the only way to see any improvement is if you get to a level of full clearance?

Thank you to anyone that can help.


I’m being treated for downy hair, although im only trying to do the longer ones on my chin and by the side of my mouth. The thing is, it’s a lot harder to know where you’ve been before as they’re blonde, so it will take twice as long. I’ve been doing it for 8 months now (only once a month though) and haven’t seen that much improvement as yet, I think I’ll have to start going a bit more often! I went today and even though it felt like she’d done a lot, it looked no different as there’s so many in a particular area. It really got me down today, I feel like im not progressing at all. I know i have to continue now because if i stop i’ll have a beard of down. The worse thing is im going on holiday soon and was hoping to see some signs of clearance, but i think it will take a long while yet! Anyone else feel down about down, lol!

Depending on her equipment, and vision aids, she may not be able to remove all your hairs in any given area all at once.

There are many variables to what is possible in each situation. That is why we suggest seeing as many electrologists in your area, you get to sample a variety of different situations, and hopefully, you find the best one for you.

A skilled electrologist, working a computerized machine, with high powered vision equipment and good lighting can perform a comfortable treatment, and clear whole areas in one sitting.

Some equipment can’t safely be used to treat more than 4 hairs in a square inch.