Downstairs - very good results


8 weeks ago I decided to go for my first treatment in my pubic area.

I am already pretty much hairless in the rest of my body, so since I’ve been clean shaved on my “downstairs” regions since I was 16 (20 years ago), I concluded that I don’t want any hair down there anymore and I am mature enough to get over the argument of “what if I change my mind in the years to come?”…


I was only treated at the area called “the bush” and the results are awesome!.. hairless beyond believing.

I was expecting a sort of progressive/incrementally kind of results similar to the ones I got in both legs and arms, but I think that since the hairs in the pubic regions are very coarse and the technician used “high settings”, this is the time (after 2 months) I still got not hair whatsoever!

I think I may need way less of the usually quoted “6 to 8 sessions” to get the clearance I am looking for.

next stop: the scrotum… the issue here is this area is so anatomically irregular that I think it is not going to work at all… I wonder if someone has experienced a very good results in this area.

Did you wax before? That can speed up the results. Yes, this area responds well, but you’ll still likely need at least 5 treatments. A good bulk of the hair should be gone after 3-4 though. Wait 12 weeks. You’ll see hair from the next phase of growth.

Thanks LAgirl…

Yes… few times in the past but I stopped as it was too painful for me.

I’m still wondering how the practitioner ensures that the whole area it treated properly. I mean… it is not a flat surface like the back or the chest.

I think that what it comes to the scrotum, the key factor is the skill level of the practitioner.

The machine makes a big difference. And the ambient temperature :wink:

hahaha… I know what you mean…
BTW: the machine is a Yag laser. Dont remember the model but it has a sort of hair-scaning step before the actual shot. A sort of new technology or something…

Maybe Sciton

Yes that one!.. now I remember.
It looks a very advanced machine to me but I am not an expert. It is a good laser?