Double price for men's genitals?

I found a local electrologist that works on men’s genital area. They will work for $65/hr if two sessions per week, otherwise it is $70/hr, however, for genital work they want $150/hr which is more than twice as much. Is such a huge markup normal? What have others found to be the price ratio between body areas?

It’s not uncommon for electrologists to charge more for genital work, though more than double the price is quite excessive. Check out this list:

It’s a list of TG-friendly clients. A number of them are willing to work on the genitals, and I bet you can find one who won’t increase the price by THAT much

That’s exorbitant. I’m not sure what they use to justify such a price except maybe ripping off because so few will do such work. Hair is hair. Double the price for just getting over ones moral objections seems like extortion to me and is likely because so few will do it and they think they can get away with it. If it were me, I’d teach them they cant by walking away.


I don’t think it is about moral objection. If it was, charging more would not move them to perform genital electrolysis.

When someone doesn’t want to do a certain task because it is technically harder to reach anothers genital area, they may raise the bar. Some parts of genital work are more challenging to work on and it can wear and tear on the practitioners neck, hands, wrists and back. So, they may discourage people from asking for this service by raising their price. If one agrees to pay the asking price, then that incentivizes the person performing the task to contort and work harder to remove hair, especially if they need to pay the chiropractor or massage therapist after a genital session.

Other professions charge for challenging work, where extra endurance and expertise is needed, why not electrologists?

If an electrologist does not feel comfortable doing genital work, they usually say something like, “Will only work on areas not covered by underwear” or something similar to that.

It is their call and I don’t think it is about morals, but if it is, they are free to feel the way they feel, like it or not.

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I’d find somebody else. Walk away.

Using that list for trans-gender, I found one that is $90/hr genitals vs $75/hr elsewhere, must less of a skew in price. However, they only have 1 1/2 years and 2 1/2 years experience for the two electrologists at that establishment. I stick to the one I found for other body parts since they are less and have almost 30 years experience, but for the genitals, do you think such short experience is okay?

As Dee already mentioned, genital work is a lot harder for the Electrologists; it put a lot more strain on the neck and especially the hands. Otherwise - i.e. regarding insertions and taking of the hair it is more or less a “hair is hair”.
If an electrologist can reliably do body work, she can also reliably do genital work, with comparable efficiency.

BTW, the aditional physical strain in genital work is so large that i can easily understand why some collegues charge more for that service - although i do not.

Absolutely it’s okay, but this depends wholly on skill level which has less to do with experience than you might think. At the very least it’s worth while to have a short test with them, then if you dont like you can always go to the more expensive folks.


What would I be looking for in a short test? I’m new to electrolysis, having only done one session with the 30 year experienced person thus far.

When it comes to charging a price for services its up to the practitioner. Like everything else … Ya need to shop around… however in my office the price is the same from head to toe and yes EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN!! is the same price. However here the price changes depending on who is working on you and the experience with zapping they have.

Genital work truly is more difficult especially if your setup is not geared for genital work (stirrups). So I could see some practitioners charging more for that service. I would have to agree with izapem, same price head to toe but my office is totally geared towards SRS prep, (stirrups) so the wear and tear on the body is less.

While I am not condoning, nor objecting to the practice of higher charge for this service, I can add that one is LESS capable of working on others after a few hours of this type of work, and one may need to visit a chiropractor and massage therapist at the conclusion of the appointment, so the additional charge is often a reflection of this reality.

Personally, I have to use a different lens to do body work of any kind (can you say large equipment expense), as the one used for face has too short a focal distance to work body without being bent over in a very uncomfortable position. Additionally, the stress on the hands and wrists is higher than facial work, which is the bread and butter of the industry.