Alright well i have all these dots between my eyebrows from where i shave and its really noticeable. Is there anyway to removing these hair dots?

Any ideas? It would be appreciated

It would sound like you are shaving your unibrow is that correct? If so, that is an appropriate location to do electrolysis. Doesn’t take long to clear that small area and wouldn’t take a long time to permanently get rid of those hairs. I presume your eyebrows are a black color? By shaving, you will always see the new growth coming back in two or three days and these are probably the dots you are referring to. Something to think about. Good luck.

I agree with Eddy. This is not a difficult area to work on and being that you are young, you will enjoy the benefits of PERMANENT hair removal with electrolysis for many, many years. Within 5 or 6 sessions you will feel like things are coming under control and the only thing you need to do on your end,is to keep coming in as new hair cycles in over the next 9-12 months. Otherwise, you can continue with temporary measures and be like a hamster on a wheel. Tweezing the unibrow would be my second choice over shaving,if you do not want to go for electrolysis.

I am doing electrolysis on my 17 year old sons unibrow. He tolerates it just fine and he’s looking better and better as we progress.