Doing my arms and have my doubts...

Hi All!

So I am doing laser on my arms and I have some doubts about the place. She’s using LightSheer.

What I want to ask is, I heard that when you do laser, after a few days when you’re supposed to rub it off with a lufah some of the hair is supposed to sort of fall off… is that true? because it’s not really happening to me, infact, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and the lady doesn’t seem concerned (well, she also wasn’t concerned when I did my legs and none of it worked; I had to ask her to raise the level the 6th time I went there, and it looks like she never thought of it herself).

So I’m not sure what to expect, if she’s doing it right or not, is some of the hair supposed to be falling off a few days after?


After a treatment, the treated hairs will appear to grow but slower than normal growth.

Then any time from about 1.5 weeks after treatment to 3 weeks after treatment, if the hair has been successfully treated, you will notice that it starts to shed. Shedding usually lasts for a week or two. Then, you should remain hair free for a few weeks until the next cycle starts to come through.

Shedding isn’t an absolute that the treatment has been effective but it’s usually a good indicator and it’s essential.

LightSheer is a tricky machine to use. I feel that you have most likely wasted your money here. I would start looking elseehere and preferably somewhere with an Alex or YAG laser depending on your skin type.

Also, is your arm hair coarse and dark? It needs to be for the Laser to work, even if you try another clinic.

All treated hair should shed within 3 weeks. If that doesn’t happen, something is wrong with the treatment (bad technique, bad settings, etc).