Doesnt work for me!

Well it is already 6 months since the first treatment. I have stopped it for one month to see if it has any affect at all, as I was doing electrolysis for every week and the hair was removed, making the area virtually clean, but as I stopped it for month, I see almost no results. Yes SOME of the hair is thinner then it was but it is all grew back and there is almost no visual difference. Most of the hair is the same as it was before. Money is spent to get almost no results. And, I do have some scars from it and some darker spots on the skin which I hope will dissapear in some time.
Its not for me. I stop.

I’m guessing your appointments were 1 hour long?
If so, then I figure that you’ve only had just over 20 hours treatment time?

Where’s the area that’s being treated, and how big is it? And what’s your status (age, gender, etc.)?

Electrolysis WILL work eventually. It just takes a little longer in some circumstances.
Facial hair, especially, is stimulated by testosterone. It also gets stronger as you get older. So if you’re a 50 year old male, it’s going to take a lot more work to clear the area than if you’re a 20 year old female.

The electrolysis you’ve had will already have cleared some hairs - you just won’t be seeing the effect yet. Imagine a forest, then overnight someone sneaks in and removes 1 tree in every 100 … you wouldn’t see any difference in the forest, right? It’d still look just as it was before.

There’s a couple of things you can try before you quit altogether.

You can try a different practitioner and/or method (blend vs. thermolysis)

You can stick to just one small area - 20 hours in a small area is going to be a lot more noticible than 20 hours spread over a large area.

You can also keep a visual diary. If you shave with an electric shaver, you can empty the residue onto squared paper and make a note of the size. This is quite a crude way of measuring, but you WILL notice the amount you shave going down.

People who want to track their progress MUST start from day one!

If you don’t take a before, and take new pics at least monthly during treatment, it is impossible to really know how you are doing. Your perception plays tricks on you.

However, if you really want to see the effect of the work you have done so far, you are going about it all wrong. You would have to wait till the year after the month you started your work, because what you are seeing, that you think is the same hair growing back in 6 months is hair that your electrologist has never had the chance to treat, and can’t treat if you stop now. Remember, we told you the fastest anyone could be cleared is NINE Months! Its as if some one was hired to paint your car and you took it away before they put the clear coat on and you accused them of not doing a good job because the car is rusting. You did not allow them to finish.

You have two choices, either keep going until you have reached the 9 month mark, and then compare the starting point, or wait till the same month or a little after that to see what the treated area looks like WHEN THE HAIRS THAT HAVE BEEN TREATED WOULD BE BACK IN PHASE, if they still existed!

Please check out our sister site for more info on growth cycles and understanding hair removal in general.

I am Male - 21. The treated area are the sides of my face where the beard grows under the eyes (i think it called side burns??).
Yea that area is stimulated by Testosterone but it is not big and I think the results could be better in that time.
Yes can be that I should try another practitioner but this one seems the best in the area
Also I dont feel like “electrolysing” my face 9 MONTH before I see any results and then another 9 month to finally clear this small area because I did get some little scars from it and on one part of the skin it is “not smooth” as it was. I can see it going up and down and with some color changes in skin. I guess if I will do it for 2 years it can be worser.
I think that you should agree about that even the best Electrologist can not TOTALY avoid scars because you do the same hair few times, and you enter the probe in the same pore few times, and if you didnt scar it this time, there is a chance that because of little hand shaking, you will scar it next time.

And also, if it takes me about 2 years with electrolysis to remove hair there, then maybe I should just wait and hope for “a certain hair-growth gene through a topically administered cream permanently stops hair growth in animal studies. The company plans to start human trials in 2006.”
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Now it almost 2 month since I stopped the treatments and guess what, I see a 99% of hair regrowth!!! 6 month of waisting time and money to get no results! And I followed all the rules that stated in . Yes, sometimes i felt the hair to being tweezed but it was only sometimes and still nothing happened.
Because of all the negative sides, the side effects of it, the “no-one-really-knows-if-it-will-work-for-you” and plus you get the chance to get scars-which happened to me - I would NOT RECOMMEND it at all! Only if you prefer the hair to be removed in any way - even if it will cost you with damage to your skin.
Yes, James W. Walker VII, CPE, always writes that it NEVER happens to him, and careful is needed by choosing Electrologist - I was careful and my Electrologist is the best in the area - still nothing.
Thats all sux.

Do us a favor Arthur:

Find a picture of yourself prior to treatment, at your hairy best (or worst as it may be). Keep waiting for another few months untill you are in the same month as the first few treatments. Maybe wait till you are a year outside of the 3 month mark of your treatment. THEN take a picture of yourself and compare the two.

Good electrolysis does not require retreating the same follicle 3 times. Once or twice in a year is enough. If this is done properly, there is just a microthin callus formed deep in the follicle that is not visible on the surface, nor to the naked eye. You just look like you have never grown hair there. If you are not getting this level of service, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

If you were anywhere near me, I would prove it to you, but I can’t.

When it comes to time to clearance, that is totally a function of how fast your practitioner can work, compared to how much hair you need to have done and how frequently you have appointments, and the lengths of those appointments. I usually have my male beard clients bare faced in 4 to 6 weeks and most of my clients have higher than normal hair counts.

I don’t know how you could have read HairFacts and not come to the knowledge that without getting full clearance each and every time, you have not gotten to the point where you can say that your treatment did not work.

i wouldn’t get too excited about this “cream”. There’s like 9,000 similar products at your local beauty store that promise the exact same thing. NONE of them work. Including NAIR.

It’s just a way to send out fancy press releases to abnormally raise stock prices and make certain people rich.

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Have you tried laser hair removal?


James W. Walker VII, CPE: “…that without getting full clearance each and every time, you have not gotten to the point where you can say that your treatment did not work…”
I did get full clearance every time - yes sometimes I felt the hair to be tweezed but what could I do then?
I would try another electrologist once again, but I am not sure as I have little scars from the first one , and I scared to have even more :confused: My face is filled with them too much…
RJC2001: No I didnt tried Laser, but with all the negative side effects they find now - nno way I am going to try it…
It probably wont work because I have light color hair.

Then we are back to what I said before, do nothing now. Wait until the month that you started, and check out what your treated areas look like during the 3 months after your first year anniversary.

Then let us know what you think.