Doesn't this sound suspicious?

I figured that until I could get a proper estimate from a professional I would just try to read up on how many hours it would take to clear my legs with electrolysis (a very ballpark figure). I’ve read figures like 50 hours and even 200 hours for one leg, but these were from sites that promoted laser.
Someone please tell me that these estimates are ridiculous?

they’re not. depending on the skill etc, it can be 50 hours or so. if you count how many hairs you have, and read up on how electrolysis works, then you will come up with around that number. find some posts by Dee and James outlining the hair killing process. btw, if your hair isn’t blond or red, you’d probabably get faster results by doing laser and then electrolysis.

good lord, this seems to be the topic of the day!

I am not writing it again.

hit active topics for today, July 19, 2006 and read the posts from today, much is discussed on this type of subject.

I am running out of HairTell time and will need to get on to HairKill time!