does waxing make hair grow back darker?

If you were to wax you upper lip, and the hair there is blonde, would it grow back darker/more noticeable like it does when you shave?

I don’t think shaving makes the actual hair any darker or thicker. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about this, but never seen any evidence? where’s the evidence?

Shaving does not make the hair grow back darker or thicker. It’s been proven countless times by scientific results that it doesn’t. That’s just an old wives tale.

whatever, i already KNOW it grows back darker when you shave, because i shave my legs. i want to know, when you WAX blonde facial hair, if that grows back darker.

You asked a question shemgs, so what’s with the whatever reply? Like I said, that’s a myth that shaving makes the hair grow back darker or thicker. It’s an old wives tale. I don’t think waxing blonde hair would make it grow back darker either.

I found out that tweezing and shaving does make your hair grow back darker and coarser and plus more hair grow.

I have read that tweezing stimulate the blood where hair grow and makes more hair grow. I know because I only had a few hair to tweeze off on my chest and now I have more so I stopped tweezing and only tweeze the ones that don’t come off while I use depilatory or waxing.

Where’s the evidence? I am the evidence! If it doesn’t happen to you then you are darn lucky, but it’s certainly not an old wives tale.

Like I said, shaving does not make your hair grow back darker and thicker. Ask the moderator of this site if you don’t believe me. Ask any professional involved in the hair removal field. It is an old wives tale. Hair grows back in cycles.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, whatever, will not make the hair grow make darker. With waxing and tweezing, some people report that after time, less hair grows.

The reason hair appears to grow darker and/or thicker with shaving is because you are cutting the hair off at the root, where it is thickest.

When you wax or tweeze, you pull the entire hair out, and it has to grow again. Thus, the end will be tapered, and slowly thicken, as all hairs do.