Does waxing hurt??

I have grown out my chest hair to about 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch and i want to get waxing done on my chest and stomach.

Does it really hurt bad would i be able to sit through it?

Also how many times would they need to lay a strip to wax my chest im about 5’8?

Richard: I used to have my body waxed regularly and I will say that the first few time it hurt; but the hurt only last a moment. If you have a real desire to have the hair removed, you’ll put up with anything. Also after the first few times I never noticed pain anymore. However I think the best way to solve the problem forever is to get it permanently removed by electrolysis like I did. I guess laser would work also;but I never tried it. Now I have no hair left to try it on. The three places for hair removal that have given me the greatest enjoyment have been the chest,pubic and underarm Its a good way to make mostwomen happy also.

Well i had it done today and i must say it was the most painful thing. I have very thick chest hair and i only let it grow out to about 1 inch, and the lady worked on me for about 30minutes and it felt like i got hit with a paddle 100 times on my chest and stomach… I looked like a pink lobster after.

1 word, OUCH. The fine hair like on my sides hardly hurt but the thick parts unbelivable pain.

It’s much easier next time, Richard. If you do it regularly there will be far fewer hairs to remove nex time. Less pain, easier recovery, all of that.

If the pain was too much, there are lots of great topical anesthetics out there, Like Topicaine, ELA-Max and EMLA. These can greatly reduce the pain in some people when used properly.

Over time, I think you either get acclimated to the pain or the hairs do get easier to pull out, because completely aside from there being fewer at any given time, the pain does seem to decrease. Doing my legs now, I hardly notice it. (On the other hand, my underarms still smart, but they aren’t easy to do to begin with.)

There are a lot of products out there designed to reduce pain from sunburn and the like, and I’d think that using one of those would at least clear up the aftereffects… the actual pain during the process, I don’t know.

I am seeing conflicting posts on waxing. One says it makes the hair grow back thicker because it increases blood supply to the hair follicle. Another post says waxing makes the hair grow back finer and as a result is not as painful. Now which is it? Or is it just something that varies from person to person?


I had a million red bumps and it looke dlike i had aweful acne on my chenst for about 5 days i was putting on a steroid cortizone cream called Wescort and it helped clear it out, last time i ever wax.

RJC, there has been almost no clinical data on waxing’s effect on hair growth. Many who claim it comes back thicker promote competing methods, but there does seem to be a significant amount of anecdotal reports that it can cause hairs to come back in more curly or twisted, thus causing more ingrowns.

Most people will see what appears to be full regrowth a few months after they stop waxing. Any permanent increase or decrease is likely to be difficult to see, and may be caused by other variables.