does waxing cause more growth?

I’m sure this ? has been asked and answered before…but I just spent 20 mins looking around and can’t find it, so …sorry…I’m asking again.

I’ve never waxed my chin and upper lip. I have about 40 dark, tough hairs on my chin, mixed in with alot of peach fuzz. I have mostly peach fuzz on my upper lip with a few dark, tougher one’s starting here and there. My concern is, if I rip out ALL the hairs, even the soft, light ones, with wax, won’t that make those (almost invisible one’s) grow back tougher and possibly darker? I definitely don’t want that to happen! I’d rather keep bleaching and shaving. I’m thinking about waxing before I try Vaniqa.

kat, this is a rather complicated question, so I’ll try to keep it short.

Your facial hair will very likely continue to come in thicker and darker as you age , no matter what temporary method you use. What often happens when you clear these hairs at the surface or by the root is an optical illusion-- the dark thick hairs appear even more visible without any other hairs around them, and they often grow faster. This can lead to the impression that the hair removal method has cause a change in the hair growth amounts.

While waxing may have some effect on hair growth, it appears it can go either way-- causing less or more, and there’s no way to predict. However, the change is likely to be pretty subtle overall. There are some ligitimate concerns that plucking and waxing can damage skin, alter some hair follicles can cause ingrown hairs. It’s possible that it makes treatment with electrolysis and laser more difficult as well. Cosmetically, some women (like me) don’t like waxing their faces, because the fine downy hairs make the skin look softer and not as shiny. If you wax and don’t like the look or are alarmed by the increase in hair, you can try Vaniqa to slow it or get electrolysis or laser with the hopes of having a permanent effect.

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I have this same problem with chin hair and in my dreams there are only 40 tough, dark ones! And in my case is that they seem to be gaining territory and strength as I age (I’m 35). I have waxed, plucked, shaved, and used Vanquia. I can’t wait for the hair to grow out long enough in order to wax effectively. In terms of Vanqia, as long as I am diligent with it it seems to work–but you still have to “carry on with your regular method of hair removal” AND apply it twice daily. The last tube I bought was about $55 and could last a month or two depending on how often I used it. I have had some electrolosis, but it seemed such a daunting task at the time and some part of me believed that it would “get better.” I have been to the endocrinologist to have my hormones scrutinized, I take spirolactolene (sp) {which you can find more discussion about in the Rx section of this site and HairFacts, see the Vanquia section too}, but it is still there; abundant and strong. I am about ready to try electrolysis again, in my case it is a big commitment, but now I wish I had done it a few years ago…Don’t lose hope! I am so thankful for this site as it has helped me to not be so embaressed by this…it is still rough, literally, but all the support and information is really helpful. It’s not like we can discuss this with a lot of people out there.

I know what you mean, tess. I can say that I had a LOT of chin hair that’s gone for good, thanks to electrolysis. The most important thing is finding someone really good who has a lot of experience. Easier said than done, believe me. I really like my electrologist, but I did not choose carefully. I believe it took longer than it needed to, and my skin didn’t do too well, either. I cannot emphasize how important it is to find someone who will do a good job-- there are some people out there who should not be doing this procedure.