Does Water Contact after Electrolysis creates visible reddining of skin...

Okay, I have been getting Electrolysis done on my neck and face for some time. My electrolysist tells me that dont put any water for at least uptil tonight. So I dont. However she recommends ice. So I put on ice.

But after some trial and error, I have seen that water does seem to make the reddining of skin and tissue where electrolysis was done more visible. So I dont take bath my face / neck until one day. But I have seen that on 2nd day as well, when I put on water, it immediately showed some reddining within an hour or so. Can someone explain? :confused:
Is it just something I am experiencing on random basis or something?

I take care of my skin by applying creams recommended by electrolysist. Although, the creams is for scabs, burns, injuries, and eczema or something… it seems to be working well at times. But its not excellent as I would like it to be… Is there any other creams I can try that will get rid of this reddinging effects? :confused: I am not in pain or anything… just want those red and rash like appearance to go away fast.

Thanks. :roll_eyes:

Are you using warm or cold water on your face?

As a general rule, wet compresses or just plain water is very soothing to irritated skin. Do you normally have sensitive skin??

What cream has your electrologist recommended?

A fabulous aftercare product is 100% Aloe Vera Gel. I put it on my clients cold from the refrigerator immediately after treatment and they love it. Make sure it is 100%. No additives.
Dermatologists and plastic surgeons say that over-medication is the cardinal error in skin treatment. Aloe Vera is the simplest of medicants, especially if one is allergy prone.


Okay, I asked today why no water for a day. She told me that its only because if the water is dirty for some reason, then you could get infection. I am getting electrolysis done in India, and water from time to time can get bad.

Well, I have very sensitive skin on neck. I had been doing whole lots of tweezing before, and applying those hair retardant creams which made my skin even more delicate. Also, made hairs on my neck thick like of my beard, probably worse.

Any ideas what to do with delicate skin on neck after electrolysis. Should I get electrolysis done before its completely healed like not even slight redness etc? :blush:

I use some Indian creams called ‘Soframycin’ which is for burns, eczema, genral all purpose medicated cream. It says on tube that its ‘Framycetin skin cream’. Works okay but not sure how good it is, as I dont heal fast on neck, face.

Any suggestions for healing quickly on delicate skin and how to make it better? :confused:

Thanks. :blush: