does tissue ever come out behind the hair


When you are doing electrolysis, does tissue ever come out behind the hair? :frowning:

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I have never, Never, EVER had anything past the epithelium come out with the strand of hair. This thing where one treats one follicle and another someplace else on the skin starts spouting blood bothers me too.

This thing sounds like it either is not Dr. Michelle’s Electrolysis (nor Hinkel’s, nor Brodier’s either) or it is VERY BADLY performed electrolysis. I can find no good reason for anything other than the epithelium to come out of the follicle following treatment, and any blood that might come out from treatment should not be plentiful, and should not happen frequently, and should stop flowing in the space of a few seconds. Really, a minute of bleeding seems excessive to me when we are talking about electrolysis.

Any other professionals want in on this one?


I am certainly not a professional but am a student taking electrolysis and have been working on myself since March.

I can honestly say that I have never had anything more than the epithelium come out with the hair.
I have had the occasional blood spot (droplet of blood) happen after a bad insertion but it’s very rare and stops bleeding immediately after I wipe it off.

From all the reading I have done so far, that infected tissue and abnormal cell stuff sounds like quackery to me.

Just my opinion though…

Kathy :grin: