Does threading provides better results then plucking?

Hi! I have been plucking facial hair for number of years. Since I am undergoing laser treatments, I only pluck my brows now.

Here is my question: Why thread when you can pluck? Does it take less time? Less painful? Longer periods of hair free?

Thank you, polki.

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It’s a weapon of mass plucking, sort of like waxing. You can pluck with the same success if it’s practical for you. (Make sure you’re plucking in the direction of hair growth)

Why don’t you try this product from I purchased their Do-It-Yourself threading tool which is based on the ancient art of threading. It is very simple to use and very effective. I used it on my upper lip, chin and cheeks. Remember, it removes hair from the roots, so if you are not used to waxing or having hair removed from the roots, it can be a little painful. But after a few uses, you get desensitized. But it works for me and the product is so handy that I carry it in my purse all the time.

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threading is definitely better than tweezing!

  • threading is 100% natural, there are no artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive techniques used.

  • threading is very precise & allows the threader to have greater control over which hairs are removed, the threader also uses the line the thread makes a guide to determine which hair should stay and which should be removed, resulting in a better brow shape for you!

  • threading allows you to remove the peach-fuzz that bulky tweezers can’t!

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Shobha, NYC’s celebrated hair removal expert

I would think that an expert would understand that to the skin, the difference between tweezing and threading is nill!

both will cause tissue tramma, broken off hairs, and possible increased thickness, or darkening of the hairs, while often leading to infections, from follicle inflammation, or displaced but unremoved hair structures.


I also agree that threading is better than tweezing from my experience.

I am currently testing out different products and methods. I will try to a summary of each product and the results.

Usually, threading, along with waxing is not particularly done under sanitary conditions which is why, waxing is becoming regulated in some states where infection control is being monitored more closely as a result of infection. Eventually, with threading becoming more popular, that too might become regulated.

If you do have threading done, make sure that the thread does not go into the practitioners mouth and that gloves are worn. Your face should be sanitized before and after.

Which is better? Threading or plucking? Threading on the face requires the help of a threader while plucking can be done by yourself. Threading removes lots of fine hairs simultaneously while plucking is done on single hairs.

Should you decide to have threading done, make sure that the threader is at least a licensed cosmetologist or licensed esthetician where they are tested and inspected by the state for sanitary conditions.

I wonder if it hurts as much as plucking?

Threading IS plucking, so it would feel similar to plucking with tweezers, only it would happen faster.

My daughter age 15 has her eyebrows threaded. She is very hairy, think Spanish/Italian, and it does wonders for her!

i think threading is the best way to go and is so much quicker then plucking if your using the right product. remspring has been nothing but good for me. i cant say enough how helpful the product has been!!! they should pay me for this!

Threading is definitely faster than plucking. And feels like you’re having your hair plucked fast.

Click on this link to see how fast Saira Soleri performs the procedure in her threading hair removal video. Just click on the link and scroll down to click on the link to view the video excerpt.

Saira Soleri is a licensed esthetician and electrologist. She has threaded since 1979, and instructed on the “gentle art of hair removal” since 1996.

Hey Annie, I’m not entirely sure if self-promotion is ‘OK’ here on HairTell. I’d personally seek out the advice of much more experienced users than buy a $50 instructional video, when there’s a plethora of superior content, for free, on YouTube. Just my two cents.