Does this sound right?

Hey… I was having electrolysis done on my abdomen but stopped 4 months ago to save some money… but since then I’ve had skin discoloration… looks like red spots… darkish spots on my stomach… i thought it was hyperpigmentation… but I went to the dermatologist today and she said its keratosis pilaris… she said its not common on the abdomen but I asked if it was caused by the electrolysis but she wasnt sure…I heard its genetic and I dont think anyone in my family has that so I duno if shes right or not cuz the only place where these marks are is where I had the treatment… so what do u guys think? Im not sure if I should get another doctors opinion. I want my skin to go back to normal somehow… it doesnt look horrible but u can tell the skin is messed up… thanks! =)

Your electrolysis has nothing to do with this. The humidity of your surroundings, and what ever may be rubbing against your belly (Tight Jeans, Belts, other clothing) and heredity are the things that influence this.

Keeping your skin, clean, free from abrasion and well hydrated, both internally, and atmospherically are your only hopes here.

This is more common in women, and most common in younger people, older folks don’t get it with half the frequency. More like one tenth the number of younger people who get it.

The people you are asking in your family probably don’t have it now, but used to have it long ago. It is something that would be easy to forget once it is no longer there.