Does this sound legitimate?

I found this on eBay. I know most of what’s on eBay is crap, but I’m on a limited budget as far as professional hair removal in concerned.…1QQcmdZViewItem

In case the link doesn’t work, it’s from the site “

I don’t know all the techinal stuff, joules and fluencies, etc. In case it matters, I’m male, 20, type II, very dark hair, pretty light skin. I’m after vast permanent reduction, but it doesn’t have to be full removal. The more removed the better, but if a few hairs are left at the end, that would be okay. The areas to be covered are back, chest, abs and shoulders mostly.

So, does this sound legitimate?



Scammer Hall of Fame

Search the site for Medicam

For starters, read these posts:…=true#Post26459

Would you be surprised to find that they have a hard time refunding people their money?

If McDonalds can be sued for serving it’s coffee too hot, do you really think a company would expose themselves in the US by selling to the general public, real LASERs capable of burning people’s skin off?

no, just do a search on this site. plenty of postings to go by to determine that.

Also check:
You’ll understand better.
Thank you