Does this pricing sound ok? These guys seem great!

How does this pricing look?

I can’t believe that they have a 5 star average rating from 130 reviews:

It seems a little high… 1 package the deal works out to $90 per session for underarms, I’ve been to 3 clinics in Toronto here and always paid $60. Lower arms for me was $150 at my previous clinic and $112 at my current but this place works out to $195. Full face though is $187, most places I’ve been seem to charge around $200 for face except my current clinic which is only $80 for some reason which is like dirt cheap. I guess it depends on the area you want to do. I’m not a big fan of places that only give you good discounts if you buy a package personally.

Those prices are average I would say.

I don’t trust reviews from sites that don’t list how many reviews each reviewer has in total on the site. I’d look on or a similar site instead. If most of the reviews are by people who’ve only posted 1-2 reviews in total on that site, something is off.