does this laser pricing seem reasonable?


i went to a few consultations and wanted to run this by you guys. i have nothing to compare it to so thought i would post. i am wanting to get my forearms, lower legs, underarm, and brazilian bikini done. i am a female.

one place uses the light sheer diode. it’s a franchise…pure laser. but they seemed the most knowledgeable (if curious about my experience with these consultations see my post in local referrals-3 consulations in nw burbs of chicago)
ok…well they charge 5295.50 for the total pkg which includes 6 sessions in each area and a discount. if i forget about the forearms i go down to 4020.50. does that seem reasonable?

also, has anyone had success in clearing any of the above mentioned areas in 6 sessions or less?

has anyone had success with IPL?? i visited 2 IPL places but i was not satisfied with either to even consider doing IPL (one of them was just downright scary).


I am not sure, but for my face, neck and brazillian I paid $3,900.00 on the credit card, and will be paying this off, hopefully sooner than later… To me it sounds reasonable.


Basic instinct tells me this:

Never pay for laser up front because of discount or a so called package “deal”. Pay as you go in case you decide to stop after the third treatment for some reason. Once someone has your money, especially such a large sum of your money, it is almost imposssible to get it back if you are unhappy for any reason.



Totally agree.Stay away from package deals.This is an easy way to suck you in.I wanted out after my first few treatments but i was stuck b/c of the upfront “deal”.


WoW! I am surprised I did not think about it at the time! I probably should have paid as I went along…