Does this laser office sound legitimate?


I just had a laser consultation and was told that I could expect to see between 60-90% reduction in 4-6 sessions (shoulders and back), after which they could switch to a per minute fee (10min touchups for $100). They also said what they look for is swelling/folliculitis to know that the treatment is working.

does that sound accurate?

p.s. even though i didn’t mention it, the nurse brought up a chain called LaserAway to say that they use low settings to make people pay for more sessions.

Every laser clinic loves to claim that other clinics use low settings so clients have to come back for more sessions and spend more money. The reality is that laser is just less impressive than the claims. You can’t guarantee results even when laser is performed properly. Some people have outstanding results, others come out with the same or more hair than they had at the beginning.

If you already have dense hair and are an ideal candidate, I would recommend doing a round of treatments. Six should be enough, and anything more than eight is wasting time and money. You just need to manage your expectations around the level of reduction you’ll get.

They’re correct that swelling and redness are indication of a proper laser treatment.

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Thanks for your reply. are these areas ok for treatment?




With laser okay? I suppose so. A full removal with electrolysis would be around $900 - $1200.

I agree with Bono’s estimate above for electrolysis.

Based on prices in my area, a full treatment schedule of laser for this area would be around half the cost of electrolysis. You’d need at least a 50% reduction to make it worthwhile. The other thing to consider is that doing laser and then electrolysis consecutively would mean some two to three years of treatment versus the 12 to 18 months if you just did electrolysis.

If you’re getting other areas laser (the chest, for example), then you may as well do the shoulder area there too. If not, go with electrolysis.