Does this ever work?


Hi everybody! As you can see from my log-in name, I’m very embarrassed to be here. :smile: Truth is, I’ve struggled with facial hair all my life, thanks to my mother and her mother, who also had the same problem. It’s so annoying!

Anyway, I had a comment about the depilatories. I swear, these have never worked. I’m always so surprised to hear people talk about them as though everyone knows this is one way to temporarily, effectively remove hair. Am I the only one who’s been left with red skin and no hair removal? I mean, the hair melts off at the ends, but it doesn’t come out of the skin. So instead of long hairs, I’m left with stubble. (And redness). And no matter how long I leave it on there, it makes no difference. It doesn’t pull the hair out of the roots.

Has anyone else found this? Or the opposite?


I know what you mean about the annoyance of stubborn facial hair!

Depilatories are difficult to use effectively, especially on the face, and especially on coarse hairs. Usually you’d have to leave the chemical on so long that you burn your skin as well as dissolve the hairs.

Some depilatories can be useful on fine, wispy facial hairs, but many should be limited to less sensitive skin like legs. Every time you use a depilatory, you should to a test patch as directed, even if you’ve used the same brand many times.

If you don’t have a ton of hairs, plucking is the most popular option, since waxing, threading and sugaring can take off all the hairs, even the downy ones. These hairs actually make the skin look a little softer, and without them your face can look a little waxy.

Some people use the rotary epilators made for the face, but this is painful to some, and again, it can take off hairs you may want to leave. That’s why plucking, although time consuming, is the most precise way to get only the hairs you want.

If you want a permanent solution, there’s electrolysis (pro or home) and laser (if you have light skin and dark hair). These have benefits and drawbacks, so I’d read up what I’ve got to say on hairfacts to help you decide what’s best for you.

Hairfacts: electrolysis

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You might want to give Neet sensitive cream a try. Great results for me whereas before i found it difficult. I didn’t use on face, but that is one of it’s uses.