does the Tea Tree Oil have to be pure?

I tried to buy tea tree oil for my aftercare, but all the brands I found contained other ingredients—alcohol or camomile or stuff like that.

Is that okay or should I buy only 100% pure tea tree oil?


Pure is best, and least expensive.

Wal-Mart carries Tea Tree Oil near the vitamins and calamine lotions.

You can also check the local health food stores, or buy online.

“Now” brand is a good, inexpensive source.

Thanks a million for taking the time to share your incredible knowledge with the rest of us uninformed and hairy people! :smile:

You are welcome.
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Just changing the channel here, but I found this interesting tid bit on NewsMax:

“Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Cause Breast Development in Boys”

"Parents of pre-pubescent boys may want to check the ingredients of their young sons’ personal care items. Researchers have found that skin and hair care products containing tea tree oils and lavender have an estrogen-like effect that appears to cause enlarged breasts, a condition called gynecomastia.

Tea tree oil, which comes from Australia and the islands of the south Pacific, is believed to be antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It is used in soaps and lotions as an antibacterial, and to combat various skin conditions like acne and eczema, and is often used by health-care professionals as an antiseptic for burns, cuts, and insect bites. Lavender, found in all types of personal care products, is also used as an antiseptic as well as for its soothing properties and fragrance.

But when the substances were tested on human breast cancer cells, they seemed to imitate the actions of female hormones (estrogen) and overwhelm and suppress male hormones (androgens).

“There’s definitely an association between exposure to lavender oil and tea tree oil and gynecomastia,” said Derek Henley, lead author of a study presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society.

Dr. Clifford Bloch, a pediatric endocrinologist and co-author of the study, first became curious when he had five young male patients with gynecomastia. When he investigated, he discovered that all had used products containing tea tree oil and/or lavender. After stopping their use, the condition disappeared in all five boys."

Now, tea tree oil is still good stuff to use after electrolysis. I don’t think there are too many pre-pubescent boys that really get electrolysis and use tree tea oil after treatment.


I always chuckle at how as soon as the public finds out about something good like Tea Tree Oil, or St John’s Wort, here come the junk science researchers to “debunk”, or should I say, RE-BUNK people’s understanding of the goodness of the product. The study used to say that St. John’s Wort is ineffective treatment for depression also concluded that prozac and zoloft are equally ineffective. Somehow, the media only reported the St. John’s Wort information… Hmmmmm?

I would also doubt that this “study” looked at the teenaged boy’s weight, body fat count, or use of Diet Sodas, a notorious hormonal imbalancer. Drinking that junk can make you fat and grow you a mustache and beard all in one shot!


You can also try a site called The brand I use is called Jason. It is certified organic. I hope this helps.