Does the silhouet tone 5 hd do straight Galvanic

Hi I was looking for a machine and came across this one :blush: definitely looking for one that I can use on myself and also while I am in school to get more practice while not in school. Yet it does not say anywhere rather it does flat out Galvanic electrolysis or not, does anyone know. If not can anyone recommend one that is under 1500 to 2000 used is fine yet I would like it to be simple and do all modalities. Thanks in advance, also I am currently getting Galvanic electrolysis by a gentronic multi needle but they are hard to find and very expensive when I did.

I’m pretty sure that the 5 HD is formatted so you cannot turn off the thermolysis side in order to do straight galvanic. You can email Silhouet tone and ask them. I think they would be happy to provide an answer. i remember that you couldn’t make your own recipes with that epilator. I found it too restricting and thus not for me.

Thank you :blush:, I had asked someone else and they said the same thing, but they weren’t :100: percent sure

If you are conversant with multi-needle electrolysis, then contact Noreen from Australia,
She has developed multi-needle electrolysis machine (fully computerized) and is going to market it in August this year. (Launch of the machine got delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic, though it was slated to be launched in April this year.
She will be able to tell you all you want to know about galvanic multi-needle, the settings for different body hairs types etc.


Thank you very much for the information :slight_smile:, I am going to email her now and see what I can find out.