Does the no! no! product really work?

Has anyone used this product and does it work? Can it be effective on a male’s upper arm and shoulder? I was unable to locate any past discussions on this topic in the search function, so forgive me if this has already been addressed. The only info I found was located here:


The reason they call it the No No, or NO-No or NO! NO! is because that name will never turn up in a search engine. words like a, the, if, and, but, no, are all filtered out for obvious reasons.

We discuss it every week, it is an all but worthless product in all its many incarnations.

Do a search on the site for Sephora, and you will find some discussions on this product and others like it.

I haven’t been able to find much on the no! no! either, because all the posters I’ve read elsewhere say that they gave up due to time, smell, or ineffectiveness.

I bought it, I tried it, it didn’t remove much hair, and I still had to shave immediately after. So, honestly, I stopped using it. You can read another user’s experience (very similar) at I think her post is called “I try the no!no!”, and they sent it to her for free so that she could blog about it. But even she gave up and says she can’t report any real result.

Even though this post is old, I am bumping it with a link to NoNo 8000’s post, as hairtell’s search engine DOES turn up a search result for NONO, where as it won’t for No No, No-NO, No!No!, or No! No!

Anyway, the product is a temporary hair removal device, designed to get the company 1,000’s percent return on their investment, and frustrate you, the buyer.

If you want real hair removal, stick to electrolysis

I just sent my NoNo Hair Removal System back to Radiency (the manufacturer) after trying it out for two months. It sort of worked. It wasn’t completely worthless; it worked very, very well on arm hair and the lower leg. However, there were other areas that I would go over again and again with my NoNo, and the hair would not be removed. I have no idea what the problem was! I tried to use it to remove my ‘mustache,’ but both times I tried that, I SEVERELY burned my upper lip, causing it to crack open, bleed, blister and peal. I would pay maybe $100- for a NoNo, but they want a few hundred dollars for it, and it wasn’t effective enough to warrant paying that amount.