Does the laser machine and tech make a difference?

I had laser hair removal once and had a horrible experience. I swelled up so bad that I had to go on steroids and prescription anti histamines to get back to normal. I missed 2 days of work. I also got BAD purpura which took 2 weeks to completely go away.

My skin is medium olive and I have coarse dark hair. They used a YAG1064 set on 60/20. The tech had 5 years experience.

I really do need laser HR, but am really afraid to try again at another place with another person for fear this will happen again.

You absolutely need them to use a Yag laser, but 60 joules was pretty high. You should find another tech. Judging by them treating you at 60 joules the first time around, I might not readily believe that she had 5 yrs of experience. You should have 3-4 consultations and pick the best doctor before you commit the next time around. It’s normally pretty hard to burn the skin with a Yag. Something in the machine might have been broken possibly as well.