Does shaving/waxing/depleting make hair come back thicker?

Does shaving/waxing/depleting make hair come back thicker? Or is this an old wives tale?

This question is answered all over this site.

Shaving does NOT make hair grow. It does NOT make hair come back thicker or grow deeper. It only looks and feels that way because “virgin hair” ends in a tapered point and light is spread out over the lenghth of the hair. A shaved hair has a sharp end much like a fiber optic wire. It also catches light much like a fiber optic. It has a flat surface and the disk like surface will give that sparkle glint when the light hits it just the right way. Needless to say, rubbing a long soft tapered hair feels smoother than rubbing a short blunt sharp shaved stubble.

On the other hand, waxing, (any form of plucking really) and bleaching DO make hairs grow thicker and deeper. This is why permanent hair removal specialists prefer their clients shave if they must do hair removal other than their method in between treatments.

Epilating has not been extensively studied as far as affecting hair growth. Anecdotal reports often reflect the hopes or fears of the person makin ghte observation. Those hoping it comes in thinner see that, and those who fear it socomes in thicker see that. The truth is probably that a lot of it is optical illusion.

Long-term epilating may have an affect on the amount, but there is almost no cinical data. It does carry with it the likelihood of ingrown hairs, discoloration in the treated area, and other side effects like pitting and scarring in some consumers. For these reasons, those who can afford it might consider a permanent option rather than years of epilating.