Does regularly waxing the legs increase the chance of spider veins?


I always notice it says don’t use if you have veins, so it clearly is doing something damaging to the skin. Does anyone know how much damage? thanks.


Each follicle is fed by a tiny capillary. The damage caused by epilation can damge these capillaries, which can create or worsen spider veins.

Some sugaring places claim sugaring does not have the same potential side effect as waxing, but I think that’s probably not true.


So you do not believe that the damage is caused by the productripping off some of the skin? I suspected this was the cause. So plucking would do the same thing? Let me know what you think.

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Many kinds of trauma can cause broken capillaries, including exposure to high levels of heat or cold. I’m not aware of waxing causing capillary damage from dmage to the skin’s surface, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

A far more dangerous cobination with waxing is topical acne medications, especially prescription products like Retin-A (trentinoin). Waxing while using these products has cause some people to loose several layers of skin which cause serious scarring.

Check with your doctor before waxing if you’re using any topical medications.