Does laser work on fine hairs?

Im a teenage girl and I have hair on my thighs. Its not thick at all they are like thin baby hairs but they are noticable. I dont ever shave them either I use nair. Id also like to know if anyone knows about how much its going to cost to get the whole thighs done.

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Hi! You didn’t say how young you were, but I would not advise you to do laser treatment on these fine hairs. You have to realize that the human body is covered with baby fine, almost colorless hairs, except on the hands and feet. These are sometimes more abundant on some people, but are absolutely norma. The laser does not work on these types of hair, because they are so fine and have no color - the color and thickness of the hair is the taget for the laser. If Nair works for you, I would keep on using it. As you get older, these hairs might get a little darker, so you can re-evaluate them in 5 years or so. Hope this helps. :wink:


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If the nair still works stay with it for a while.
Laser does work best when the hair is BLACK and heavier.If it is not that heavy you might end up with peachfuss.If you deceide to go for Laser make sure you get info about where you go and Do ask friends where they have gone.If you go where
the technician is well trained you will not have any problems

I briefly scanned through their Q & A page and there are a few lies on it. It is not rare for laser to overpromise, so this place still might be a good choice.

So that you know what’s going on with the lasers, I recommend to read through
Andrea has a lot of good clinical data on laser effectiveness posted there. It will educate you about the service that you’re about to buy, before you buy it.

Also, you might want to browse through the electrolysis message board. Electrolysis may be a better option for you, depending on the results that you want to get.

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