does laser really work or is it a scam

I have had well over 10 laser hair removal treatments on my back over the past 2 years.I have pale skin and dark brown hair.The laser is also being used at its strongest.I was initialy told that it would take about 5 treatments to remove the hair permanently and that if any aditional treatments were needed they would be free.After the 5th treatment i was informed that touch ups would cost $100.00 each.I was very anxious to get rid of the hair so i agreed.I think i have had some slight success but not much.If i dont get a treatment every month or so the hair is back.I was told by an elecrolisis expert that laser hair removal does not work for permanent hair removal period.That i should get my money back.I have become friends with the doc and feel kind of bad to ask for my money back.But if it really does not work i will.what should i do. I am into body building and must get rid of this unwanted hair.*******also i have been ripped off by global elecrolisis co. I purchased an AVEX machine for $550.00 that burned and scarred my skin but did not remove any hair! HELP :angry:

I may be wrong, but I don’t think this post belongs in the referrals section.

Laser has worked for some, but much depends on the practitoner’s skill, the settings used, and the specing of treatment. For some reason, even some supposedly ideal patients with light skin and dark hair do not respond well to laser.

I’m sorry to hear you have had problems. One of the risks of newer procedures is that it can often be difficult to know what you might expect.

That’s why it’s important to get the results you expect in writing and find someone with LOTS of experience.

Oops, I just noticed you mentioned the Aavexx. That device is a total scam and should not be confused with legitimate products like lasers.

Db, what laser are they using on you? This is important to know. Find out if you don’t know. For example, if it was a Softlight, you wasted a lot of money. If it was a laser that only has a maximum fluence of 20J that could be a problem too.

Did you have any redness after your treatments. Did you feel any pain suring the treatments? I had one Lighsheer treatment at 28J with a substitute technician and felt no pain at all. I also had no hair removal from that session either. They redid my arms at a higher fluence at no charge.