Does Laser hair removal accelerate aging?

Hi guys,

I am a 22 year old male that had Laser Hair Removal performed approximately 3-4 years ago. My last treatment was on Jan 15, three and a half years ago, with 6-8 treatments spread over 1 month at a time.

Obviously, being middle eastern in nature, my face was very hairy. I had it done and saw beautiful results during the first week or so, where the hairs would just come out! During that time, I was so, so incredibly happy.

However, none of that lasted. My hair is back to its original length, and I don’t know…I feel like my skin is aging much faster for my age.

Can we start a discussion about laser hair removal and aging? Has there been any studies done? Does anyone have similar experiences?

(PS: My laser hair removal was almost unbearable. The hideous pitch of my screams were a tribute to my shrieking pain)

im middle eastern too:) getting back to the point:

yes there have been studies showing that sometimes , with some lasers, the light is absorbed by the water in the cells etc and that the lasers can sometimes affect surrounding tissues…
try looking at this site ( and you can come out with some interesting facts which make you think twice.
however im not that sure because i havent looked much into i but it is an area of concern.

dont you know that you are supposed to have a ‘top-up’ treatment once a year to keep hair growth down to a minimal?!

what are other views?

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I thought laser hair removal was more or less a garantuee for permanent reduction. Andrea, do you know if there is any scientific data on this? Laser hair removal is around for a couple of years now, so it would be interesting to know.