Does insurance ever cover electrolysis for TS?


I read the posts in the Professional Electrolysis forum about whether electrolysis is ever covered by insurance:

That thread seemed focused on genetic women, though, so I wondered if anyone knows how to get electrolysis covered --for transsexuals-- by insurance. Is there a way to re-word the letter that James Walker wrote so it would work for transsexuals?


Hi Kathryn:

I haven’t personally heard of that. I am from Canada. At one time it was covered by public health insurance, but was delisted by some heavy handed, ultra conservative types.

Unfortunately some people think that it is a cosmetic procedure and not a necessity. But for us it could mean the difference between fitting in as women or being a target for abuse. That abuse could be serious bodily harm too, so is no laughing matter.

I am full time now and don’t know where I would be without electrolysis. It is a necessity for us, especially of we have darker colored facial hair and lots of it.

If you do find coverage, let us know.


Thanks for sharing info. If I hear of any insurance company that does cover it, I’ll be sure to let you know…

…and I couldn’t agree more with you. Electrolysis is very important to our transition!

I just posted a question to the letter writer directly on that thread about this.

Your doctor simply needs to rework the letter so it is specific to your situation. Your diagnosis, your treatment needs, and how this effects his work on you, and your wellbeing after all the proceedures. You then submit it to the company.

I would say that you should first wait until the company has paid for some part of your treatment as a transexual before you do this, because at least then, you can say that they already have begun paying for your treatment as a transexual, and should finish covering those expenses. Hitting them up with a $20,000 US dollar electrolysis bill right off the bat would not be wise.

Thanks James! And thanks for your professional tone and reply! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I have Medicare btw, and am applying right now for Medicaid.