does hair become thick anD stubbly when it grows back??

I’ve waxed my legs twice before and both times my legs have been soooo nice!!! :smile:

I’ve heard that it makes hair thinner and grow less. But its really expensive and very annoying because you have to wait for the hair to grow quite long :frowning:

I’m thinking about buying an epilator but i’m worried because i already have quick a lot of hair (and its thick enough now!)

I REALLY need to know does epilating have the same effect as waxing or does the hair go thick, dark and stubbly like shaving?


Thank you xxxxx


Waxing/threading/epilating are removing the hair basicly in the the same way.
The new hair folicules will be thinner and will grow at the same amount as before.
Yes waxing is more costly and gives you a smooth feel and you have to wait for the hair to be long enough and a Epilator is far cheaper and you routinely epilate to keep the hair away.
I’ve had a good sucess using the Emjoi Optima, because it rarely snags on folicules, motor is strong and quiet and very comfortable to use.
It’s the only Duel Rotary Epilator on the market.