does Electrolysis ever end?

I’m thinking about using this method for under my chin but in reading about it seems like people have to keep going back for more sessions. Is there ever a point when you no longer need to have this done? Thanks.

Absolutely. As an electrologist,I can tell you, hormonal stimulation of the hair follicles goes hand in hand with the face/neck area. It’s a stubborn area.

After you are finished 9, 12, 18 months later?? (don’t know your particular situation), there will be some new growth that sprouts from time to time. Maintenance treatment will be needed, but the time involved does not involve a great deal time. I can get a full clearance in one treatment, normally.

If you have a hormonal imbalance that is stimulating a lot more follicles than a few stragglers here and there, then you need to find out what is going on internally. This is where your physician can help out by doing some blood tests to see if anything is going on.

Lastly, evaluate if your electrolysis treatments are being performed correctly. Do you feel most of the insertions (probe going into the follicle)? Shouldn’t. Does it feel like she/he is tweezing or is the hair sliding out with no pull? Shouldn’t. Occassionally, there is some resistance if bulb is a big white clump. In that case, she should tell you that it is a telogen (shedding) hair.

If you are not motivated to endure multiple sessions of electrolysis for at least 3 hair growth cycles (about 9 month -12 months) then I would look for temporary methods. There is no easy way down, as each method of hair removal has it’s own positives and negatives. Electrolysis is permanent, if properly performed, and if the client comes in for treatment at the proper intervals, as advised. Otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.