Does electrolysis destroy surrounding target hair?

I am planning to remove my transplanted hair along hairline. I am worry that electrolysis will not only destroy the hair that I want to remove but also the hair that I want to keep.

Thank you

Electrolysis will cook & destroy hair follicle including hair stem cells. To removing hair with its stem cells and keep it alive using different technology, you will be better of consult hair transplant Dr. because they will hv a proper device.

I don’t think “hairyguy” was wondering about implanting the hairs that are removed with electrolysis … I think he was asking if removing (thinning) hair would affect contiguous hairs (those he wants to keep)?

Anyway, YES the hairline can absolutely be thinned and given a more natural look with electrolysis. The adjacent hairs will not be destroyed. I have done this many times.

Sorry for misunderstood hairguy’s question.

I totally agree with Mike Bono that Electrolysis destroy only follicles being treated, but not the adjacent hairs

… another concept that has been perpetuated for years by older text books on electrolysis. However, it may be conceivable if there are follicles 1 micron next to each other, the energy from blend or thermolysis may spill over? How do we know that this has never happened?

Hinkels text directly describes this, when it talks about treating alternating follicles and pulling all the hairs.

I think you mean “contiguous hairs;” maybe “adjacent hair?” But yeah, Hinkel talks about groups of hairs being taken-out by a single insertion. I’ve done blend for more than 40 years and have not seen this happen: gotta zap each follicle independently.

It was adjacent hairs I think, but I do think this more likely with thermolysis energy over blend.