Does Cutting the hair in between sessions affect?

Does cutting the hair or shaving the hair in between sessions affect my electrolysis treatment?

Does it make the root of the hair stronger if I cut hair in between sessions?

Any information help would be great.

Shaving does nothing to the hair. It’s not any different than a haicut on your scalp hair. In order to affect the structure of the hair, you need to impact the root.

What you should be doing though is having long treatments up front to get to a clearance of all hair on the area. Then you have to come in as soon as new hair shows up to kill it while it’s still weak.

Nope. It’s an old wive’s tale that cutting/shaving affects the root. The only thing that can affect the root is if you wax or pluck (because it traumatizes the root and may distort or even strengthen it over long periods of time).

Shaving/trimming between sessions is 100% totally okay (in fact it’s quite common), as long as you stop a few days before each session so that the hair is long enough to remove.