Does changing lasers matter??? wondering...

I have been going to American Laser Centers for over 2 years now, and have been getting treatments on my bikini (full brazillian), face, and recently legs. Yesturday I was in for my 12th appointment on face and brazillian.

They used the Aurora laser on me. I have never had any treatments with this laser at all. I have very thick dark hair. I questioned the practictioner. It seemed they were really busy and this was the only laser available at the time. She indictated it would be fine. I was still leary. I have had great results with the lightsheer.

Has anyone ever experienced the center changing lasers on them in the mist of treatments?

My experience was it took longer then the lightsheer for the treatments, there was a lag after the pulse and it took about a half hour extra. I have hardly any redness and not sure if it was even up to the appropriate joule. I am not sure, I do know one thing, I am going to wait and see if I have good results, or I am demanding to go back to the lightsheer as I have paid in full for my treatments.

What has anyones experiences been with American Laser Centers in the past? So far mine have been good, but at times I get the feeling, that once they have your money, your basically just a patient and they do not really cater to the needs. I have had trouble requesting the techs that I like, etc.

Not sure if I am satisfied anymore or not with the ALC …

Aurora is not a laser; it’s an IPL. I haven’t used different lasers/IPLs, but since IPL aren’t true lasers, they don’t work effectively as lasers.

I’ve never been to ALC, but I’ve read other people’s experiences with them, and their experiences range from being ok to really bad.

Keep us up dated about your results with the switching of laser to IPL.

You have had 12 laser treatments and you STILL have “very thick dark hair”? It sounds like the treatments are not working well on you if you still have hair after all those treatments.