does bad test patch mean that laser wont work

I got a test patch done on my arm a few months ago. It was using the Alexandrite laser. After a few weeks the hairs grew back in thick as ever and I noticed 100% regrowth. Does this mean that laser does not work on me? Should I spend money to get laser done if the test patch had no results?

You should find out the fluence and pulse width setting that was used . . .

I have never used that particular laser, but I know that the LightSheer is much more effective at higher fluences . . . My treatments (I have had 3 so far) have been at progressively increasing fluences and the results get better and better. Right now my hair is still in the “shedding stages” from the last treatment, but I can tell that this last one at the higher fluence has done the most to reduce the hair on my face.