I have a GREAT Fischer SE-5 machine for sale…does anyone need one? Or know of someone who does?
Like new condition…! Asking $1,375.00

Put your location and an email address and maybe you will get more interest.

Totally unknown person giving up no information looking to get over a thousand dollars for unseen equipment of unknown quality/condition, and I have never contributed to the site at all doesn’t tend to make most people comfortable with you.

Thank you for the advice. If anyone is interested I have pix of the machine. I used it for about year. I purchased it from a friend for 1500. I am a licensed Aesthetician, as well as an instructor in both WA and OR. I am currently working in a medical day spa in WA state, performing medical aesthetics. I am transisting from electrolysis to IPL(Palomar), tho I am not totally up to speed on IPL yet…just doing hair removal only at this time. Most electrol. are usually fam. with Fischer…this unit also has an air cooler. so it is actually the Fischer SE-5a.
Anyone interested may reach me by email at
Thank you again for the advice Tom,

I’d keep the machine. Most of your patients will need to follow up with electrolysis, ESPECIALLY after an IPL used for hair removal (not the best option, it’s not a hair removal laser…it’s meant for other procedures first and foremost and hair removal is an afterthought.) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

You might want to read up on the laser portion of this forum about laser hair removal.

I agree, to date nothing really takes the place of electrol! Unfortunately I ruptured a couple of disc’s few years ago…amazing how we take for granted looking down at our patients as we work on them! Anyway…I am doing mostly “skin work” these days, peels and microderm…doesnt seem to require the intensity on the part of the practitioner! And I have extensive training in this area. Laser is something I am currently training on, for hyperpigmentation, hair reduction, and cap’s. Starting with hair, as it is the least of the above listed to cause problems for the beginner. Even still Laser is pretty boring to perform…so…skin is my current passion <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Thank you for your input…I am finding this forum very intersting!

I am curious as to why you would encourage the sale/purchase of equiptment you call substandard (my words not yours) on your other posts where you claim others are so much better. Isn’t it deceiving to incourage the sale of outdated equiptment when the new machines pay for themselves in productivity and referrals as you have put it?

Why would one encourage the sale/purchase of Doge Neon’s and Chevy Cobalts when there are Honda’s Mercedes-Benz’, BMW’s, Volvo’s and Audi’s in the world?

I am sure most people understand my point.