Does all epilated hair grow back?

I had a hair transplant back in 2006; one day I decided to use an epilator to remove the transplanted hair because I wasn’t happy with it. I regretted doing it the next day and hope the hair grows back. This was about 5 weeks ago and only about half of it grew back.( I counted the hairs before and after) Hair transplant doctor told me the other half might take 4 to 6 months to grow back? Why would that be? Wouldn’t it all grow back at the same time? They said sometimes some of the hair follicles have to repair themselves before the hair grows back. Why wouldn’t all of the follicles react the same way? Thanks.

You need to read about hair-cycles. Not all hairs undergo the same phase of cycles at the same time. Different stages take weeks and months to complete at random. What you counted was not the total hair present. You could have missed the follicles that were already in resting phase or exogen phase. What kind of an epilator was used? Hopefully you did not damage transplanted follicles.

Have you had any luck with the rest of your hair follicles recovering?

Do you mean transplanted hair on your head? If so, Im curious how that worked. Im a bald buy and am thinking about trying an epilator on my head too to get that 5’o clock shadow thing gone.

4-6 months to grow back? If I let a month pass between my epilation sessions I grow back a forest everywhere. All epilated hair grows back, unfortunately for us and fortunately for you. The follicles are not damaged by an epilator so they will produce hairs every time after it has been removed.

Now I’m really curious if you ever ended up trying an epilator on your head, I haven’t heard of anyone thinking about that yet.