Do you have a One Touch to get rid of?


Do any of you, here, have or know someone who has a One Touch that is not being used and that the customer wants to get rid of?
I am asking because, even though the One Touch is not really THAT expensive, it is un-affordable for me, given that I live in South America and that my situation is really precarious.
I was having electrolysis done, but now my budget won’t alow me to even afford going once a month.
I am really down about it all.
The only hope I have is to get somewhere a One Touch (they are not sold here) and work on myself, as I think I will have the patience and the skills to.
So if you know of someone who would give it away or sell it for not much money, would you let me know?


I wouldnt use a used one, just because it sounds sick and aint right

not sure why

but, you can make your own;f=23;t=000041

out of spare parts etc. lol and use a thin wire for the needle :grin:


Thank you for the idea!!! :smile: and the link!