do u have to shave?

Hi everyone i was wondering do u hav to shave the area been treated wen getin laser done? Thanx

I believe it depends on the laser…if it has to sit on the skin to work then yes you have to shave so that it doesn’t burn the hairs to your skin. I will be getting treated by the lightsheer EC model and they have told me to shave before I come in.

cheers 4 that?

Generally, with most lasers you are supposed to shave before treatment. There are some variations in recommendations though. With the Apogee, with follow up treatments, they recommend shaving 1-3 days before treatment. With follow ups they recommend leaving about 1 mm of hair above the skin so the technician can see exactly where the regrowth is. With the Lightsheer, they always recommend shaving flush with the skin.