Do the hairs come back when pregnant ?

Currently just had 21st appointment of electrolysis and seem to be getting there slowly but surely. I’m just wondering if once all the hairs in the area are successfully treated, can they come back during pregnancy ? I mean the follicles that are currently being treated and not completely new follicles as I know that excess hair can occur in pregnancy to some people.

In addition, I’ve noticed a couple of small patches which appear to be looking bald now in the treated area… Is this likely to be dormant hairs or actually a killed off area? the area has had no hair on it for 4 weeks so far!

Thanks in advance!

Treated follicles won’t grow new hairs. Problem is, you have a potential 1,000 follicles per square inch that are available to be recruited to grow new hairs at any time, should one have a hormonal event that causes one to do so.

Are you referring to your face? Speaking from personal experience no; however random hairs appear from untreated follicles and areas that weren’t previously treated can get quite fuzzy during pregnancy (along and under the jaw bone is common). But most of those should shed afterwards and may never be seen again… or until the next hormonal awakening.