Do others remove this?


Not sure this is the proper forum, but couldn’t decide what was!

You know that line of hair that goes down the base of your stomach? Or at least mine? It never bothered me before (Actually, thought the line effect of it made my stomach look flatter) But recently spoke to some women who said they ALWAYS remove this and that women aren’t supposed to have it!

Is this true? Was this something I was supposed to worry about but never caught wind? :smile: Seriously - do all the rest of you women remove this?


I have one also, but never removed it… I kind of like the way it looks, and I don’t feel like shaving would be a good idea, or waxing… I have thinner little hairs all over my belly that aren’t really noticable, but I think if I got rid of the “strip” that they would stick out more!


I shave it, if it wasn’t that noticable, i’d prolly leave it alone, alas, if only.


That line of hair is so common in women it has a cute nickname-- “treasure trail.” :wink:

I use a rotary epilator or pro waxing on mine. That way I don’t get the “strip effect” of shaving it but not my other stomach fuzz. If it’s nice and downy, I’d definitely leave it alone, but some of us with coarse hair there have to deal with it. :frowning:


Mine was never really very dark, I tweezed out the ones that I could see. Try bleaching them?

Oreosmama :smile:


The few times I haven’t removed my little happy trail,I was the butt of some not-so-nice jokes from my male friends. So I usually plucked the dark hairs. Now that I’m having Epilight on my bikini area, the tech has always zapped the trail for free.


I only have a few stragglers in that area, so I have always just plucked them with tweezers.


I’ve known it as a happy trail, too !!! :smile:

I normally just leave mine (not that many people get to see it!) But I’ve found it whisks off very nicely with the same razor I use for my legs.
(I used to pluck, but I had lots of ingrowns, and it made my neck ache!!)

I’ve got some downy fluff a few inches above my belly button, but Like Andrea, I just leave that.


If it is only a few hairs it could be an idea to have Electrolysis on this area as waxing leaves an obvious "bold patch :grin: "


speaking of places with hair to remove or not to remove…what places are supposed to be removed? I know legs and arm pits, but is there more? I heard that I’m not supposed to even shave my thighs. :confused:


Lilshoeprincess: I don’t think there is any place on your body where you have to remove your hair. Its a matter of personal preference. I have removed my hair from my chest,underarms and pubic area. I’m a male and most males don’t remove hair from any of those area;but I feel so much better with a smooth body.Most females I have been with do remove most or all of their pubic hair and I think it looks very sexy.