Do not know what to do---help

I am so very depressed, I have had such a difficult time finding good treatment despite my research and efforts. I cannot live with the hair, but I do not want any skin damage, I cannot live with that either, it would be worse. I recently received bad treatment and stopped, I fear a see a few small pits. Each morning I awake I am hysterical, I think I cannot live with this, I have even had thoughts of “ending it all”. I am just wondering if anyone has had treatment for fine hair (although darker)with absolutely no skin damage, no pits, no scars, no enlarged pores, no pigmentation, no wrinkling, no dermal collapse. I have either been tweezed or received bad treatment. If the electrologist has good equipment, they use no magnification, or they have poor technique, it is horrible. I have been struggling with this and I am so afraid, anyone out there succeed with treatment as I described above with no damage or is there really no hope??

Electrologists are not doctors and can not diagnose all the problems that can cause hair to grow (there are many of them and each requires different treatment), however, all conditions require blood tests to determine the exact diagnosis and these can only be ordered by a doctor.

If your problem is mainly fuzz (velus hair) it can be caused by an enzyme deficiency used to convert testosterone (male hormone) to estrogen (female hormone). This leaves the patient with a lot of “fuz” all over her body. If it is dark colored I understand your concern, however, this can be treated by an endocrinologist. 5-alpha reductase, 21-hydroxylase are only two of these enzymes and there are a few of them. Only an Endocrinologist would be aware of this.

Your concern about poor treatment is reasonable but if you examine your skin every morning with a magnifying mirror you are looking for trouble. Most of this hair or small marks on the skin are NOT visible at conversation distance between 2 people and most will go away in time which will vary from patient to patient. Not all of us graduated at the top of the class and many of us believe we are “hot shots” at what we do but this is not true.


Can you describe the “bad” treatment you received?
How long did the redness and swelling last?
How many sessions did you receive? Were they weekly? Bimonthly? Did you follow the aftercare instructions?

In the beginning, when some of the fine blond hairs are removed, you must be realistic and prepare yourself for some regrowth. This regrowth may present itself as fine dark hair. Timing is important now. Those hairs are ripe for removing - optimal kill time is present.

Honestly kel, you sound frozen with fear. It’s good to be cautious with this process, but you can still move forward and keep searching for an electrologist that meets the standards you expect (up-to-date epilator, magnification, no tweezing). However, it has been said many, many times that the ability of the electrogist is foremost number one regardless of the equipment being used. Trust this or don’t trust this.

I do understand why you are focused on these things. For me it is a different world as I look at a section of hairs with my surgical telescopes. I can really see the follicle opening and angle of the hair much better than when I used another product. But does that translate into me getting better results than the electrologist in the next city?

If you are examining your face with a magnifying mirror, yes you will see skin manifestations from your treatment. If you put that mirror away and use a regular mirror, does it appear that you look back to normal within a weeks time or less. If so, that is a very good sign. Skin Manifestations are ususally self-limiting, but you have to have something to show for each follicle that has had electrical current applied to it to destroy tissue below the skin. Just know that the skin is a great organ and usually heals well in time.

I’m not sure how many satified consumers read your post as they usually are not seeking answers if they are done and happy. It would certainly be a nice support for you at this time.

If this is all too upsetting for you, maybe you should try some temporary measures until or if you find an electrologist that meets the criteria that is so very important to you.

I am extremely careful about following aftercare, and I am very gentle to the area, allowing it to heal. The reason I look for newer equipment and good eye gear, is because the hair is light and fine and I noticed my skin heals much better with newer equipment and those with good magnification do not end up tweezing me, HOWEVER, you are right, skill is the most important thing, I do recognize this. I am scared, I would never want permanent damage to my skin and I fear I see a bit of this, you would be shocked at what is out here, I could tell you horror stories from people I know. The big question I am asking is do people have successful treatment with absolutely no pitting, scarring, pigmentation,dermal collapse, enlarged pore, or is this hopeless and your skin will never be the same??? I cannot explain the depression I feel, each morning is a struggle, I fear there is no hope and have thought of ending it, to be honest, I fear the lack of responses suggest no hope. Thanks anyone for your honest feedback, it would really help.

I think you are focussing way too much attention on this issue…the suggestion to stop looking in the magnfying mirror is a good one.
I have what used to be coarse chin hairs that I’ve been working on myself for 9 months now and they have decreased tremendously in thickness and density over that time period.
I have a hormonal issue and realize that I may never be totally done but if I look with the magnifying mirror I can see things on my skin too. But at a normal distance there is nothing showing, not even hair.
I tell my clients that I have this goattee and they look at me like I have six heads.
They can’t see it and they can’t even tell I’ve been working on it…but up close magnified five times I have some marks. They are temporary but my skin is so sensitive that my marks last longer than a week but they do eventually go away. There’s no pitting or dermal collapse or anything like that though.
I’m also working on a lady that’s been coming to me for about 8 weeks now, she has more hair on her upper lip than a man does…we still haven’t gotten to first clearance and she comes for an hour each week.
Her hairs were coarse and white or clear (very hard to see) and when she comes in each week now it looks like there’s no hair until I put her under the magnifier, then I can see the hairs. It also appears that there’s no skin reaction from the week before either…she looks normal now.
My point here is that if you are ready to “end it all” over a facial hair issue then perhaps you need to throw out the magnifier and seek some professional help…I’m not joking, you could learn how to deal with this issue in a positive way with some help.

Please think about it.

I just read 2 comments that mention “dermal collapse” and I NEVER heard of this in 25 years as a Licensed and Board Certified electrologist in a state the has very strict requirements for licensing (1100 hours plus a written and practical exam).

I worked with a Dermatologist for10 years and read all his journals during that time with no mention of this. Is it a term used to avoid calling it what it really is (a pitted scar) or something else. Can someone explain this to me ? I am always willing to learn. In school there was a student that said there was a “fluctuation” in the current. There were 15 other students working at the same time and nobody ever used that excuse.

I can understand if the probe was too hot and the heated traveled up the probe and damaged the follicle wall. As this heals there is scar tissue along the wall of the follicle and it CONTRACTS. This pulls the surface downward and leaves a pitted scar.

Off Broadway,
How can not wanting ruined skin be focusing too much on the issue?? I do not want to trade one problem (hair)for another one that is worse (ruined complexion). My question is still not answered, have people successfully been treated with absolutely no skin damage or is that not a reality?? I do not want to destroy my skin. Sounds reasonable to me. And I am not looking in any magnification mirror to “see” a problem, I look in a normal mirror to see what I see. I do not want to keep getting treatment that would make a situation worse, then what?? And actually, I have had a lot of private feed back that others are extremely depressed about the hair as well, as an electrologist you should be aware of that as well, it is devastating to feel abnormal like a freak and feel there is not solution. I am just trying to figure out if you can get treatment without damaging your skin and if someone is successful with that I would like to know with whom and what to look for, just trying to educate myself. I appreciate the feedback, and I know several people who have thought of suicide, seriously, because of a hair problem with no hope of help and being normal.