Do not give up! Im all done!!!!!!!!!

My name is Jessie and I’m a 33 year old transgender female that was not happy with the amount of facial beard I had when I started my journey. I started doing laser (which I will NEVER recommend because I wasted money and it never worked. $3,500 to be exact) at a place I will not mention for I don’t want to get sued. Anyways, laser NO. But electrolysis YES YES YES!
BUT, find a person that is worth it. I went to the first electrologist around 2009. She would spend so long on my chin using the blend method and ended up burning most of the collagen on it and i ended up with a couple of pigmentation. So i was confused as to how I would react with the thermolysis after hearing so many horror stories of bad reactions. After going with some lady who said I was gonna take longer because i had up to 3 hairs coming out of some pores, i got depressed for a bit and decided i would be a hairy woman forever. And then I found Sabrena Smith on Hollywood and Vine. And my life changed. She is fast, efficient, and cheap. She laughed at the idea of spending more time on a pore just because it had 3 hair roots. She worked on my face and after 2 years (sounds long but I missed a lot of appointments) she was done. She mentioned she would have taken less if I would have kept my appointments so i slapped myself on the wrist. She is currently working on my legs. And I could not be happier. I don’t know how to upload pics but I will try. If you google Jessie Orozco and see a dude with a full facial beard who is only showing chin and face, that is me. And if you look me up on FB as Jessie Orozco, if you cant find me message me and I will give my email, that’s me now. It works. I truly does. Love to all. :slight_smile: And any questions feel free to ask!

i found your old thread with pictures

so you have no more hair at all including mustache?

laser was such a bad investment for me too

i wonder if it works for anyone!

congrats on your results.

question: did you end up with any permanent enlarged or scarred pores?

Hello Mary Mary

Nope, no more mustache at all. I will take some fresh new pics later tonight, my camera is crappy since I have the Galaxy s4 and it sucks. But the mustache is all gone. It was painful. despite the numbing cream. Sometimes it hurt more than others. But its worth it. especially the ones under the nostrils. :slight_smile:


I would never waste money on laser and I hate when it is promoted as PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. if you have thin, almost none existing hair, maybe. But my hair was THICK. BAD. And didnt want to die. So yeah, I would never recommend it. Besides, with laser it takes months to see results, and after 2 sessions with electro, your hair comes out soooo much more thin!
Now about the skin, I took care of it as much as I could after each session, and did end up with a couple of enlarged pores. Not noticeable unless you see them really up close and without makeup. But my skin looks so good. Oh, and the Clarisonic brush helps a lot! Its pricey, but it does wonders :slight_smile:

Laser reduction is not for every facial or body type of hair. Laser does work in the right situation and if the laser specialist uses a good laser with expertise (skill).

Thank you luxury82 for posting your positive results with electrolysis. Please shout that out to the doctors. They jsut don’t know. They recommend laser mostly. Pitiful.

Laser is almost useless for dark-skinned patients though.

And the whole ‘permanent reduction’ line is so misleading. I hate that people marker LHR as a permanent solution.

All it’s ever done for me is cause problems.

I really pisses me off when someone is promoting laser to be permanent. I have been doing this for almost 10 years and most of my friends come back to me after a year or two doing laser and have re growth. I always give them the “I told you so” look but i guess they figure since a laser is covering a larger area of the body, say, the face for less time, it is worth it. Nope, it is never going to work. Unless your hair is already super dark but thin and you have white skin then maybe it can reduce it greatly. But electrolysis changed my life. For real :slight_smile: