Do Most Not Need Numbing?

Just started seeing a new electrolygist after moving, she was shocked to learn I use zensa lidocaine cream and says she’s never had a patient need to use it before other than for upper lip and that electrolysis isn’t so painful that I should absolutely need it and that I’m exaggerating the sensation. She’s got several decades of experience under her belt in this industry.

I find the sensation unbearable if I haven’t used the cream. We are doing Brazilian area via Blend method, but I have similar feelings about thermolysis on other body parts.

Am I really imagining the pain? My whole body tenses and jerks and I cry involuntarily from the pain when she works on an area I haven’t applied the cream to. What else can I do to feel the pain less?

I’m scared of being dropped as a client if she gets fed up with me.

I agree with your. For me, electrolysis (all methods) are a form of medieval torture. Practitioners often forget what it’s like being at the other end of the needle.

We all have different pain tolerance thresholds. Most of my electrolysis was done without numbing creams except a few areas like my lower back where it would be unbearable even with ice packs. I also found feet to be up there on pain. Practitioners have to be patient and understanding.

fenix hit it right on the nose with his first sentance. I wouldnt dream of doing braqazillian without zensa.Those hairs can have some thick roots that take a lot of energy to get to release properly.That comes a the cost of comfort.I have done chest cases on men, women, and transpeople. Never an issue. . A recent early transperson in the same area however, well I brought the poor young lady to tears in 5 minutes! The biggest contributor to discomfort is Stress, stress of all kinds, and that will vary hugely person to person. If your new electrologist cant handle what you feel is necessary, find someone else!