I can’t count how many hairs i’ve zapped myself.

there are so many hairs on a human body way way more than anyone thinks.

i don’t know how long and how much money it would cost for that one elecrolysist that posts on this board alot.

but i’ve cleared both of my arms from the sholder down to the fingers. at a cost of around 200$. I’ve zapped some stray eyebrow hairs professionally for 22$. and I relive, that there’s noway i could have both of my arms done professionly for less than 2000$.

save money u ask? do it yourself

how did you do it??

Tiny used a home electroloysis kit. You can read all about it in the do-it-yourself electrolysis section under hair removal methods.

Tiny…are you a male or a female…well i guess it does not matter hair is freaking hair…well im a male with lots of hair and i am trying to ged rid of it…not temporarily but for GOOD…what home kit do you have?..i would like to know the name of it to see if i can find someother reviews on it as well as where to buy it…thanks for your help :fearful:

If you are going to go for Home Electrolysis, you would do yourself a BIG FAVOR if you purchased the book, THE BLEND METHOD by Mike Bono from Texas Electrolysis Supply (800-626-6025) or from The Berkowitis School of Electrolysis Supply Line(800-526-9334). They will get you the book in a short period of time, and the book will explain all 3 methods of electrolysis with lots of details and there are plenty of pictures and graphs. Last I checked, it is even in a neat spiral binder that is perfect for propping it up and reading it while actually doing the work.

Home electrolysis is best done with a professional machine by two people who have both read a book like The Blend Method, and agree to trade work on each other. No professional would do work on him or herself, because one gets more work done for the time and effort when someone else does it. There is also less possibility of negative side effects due to poor insertion technique.

james i totally agree: it sounds risky doing electrolysis yourself unless youre some kind of pro!

i would love to do it myself but do you reccommend which machine? I was thinking about buying a long-pulsed diode laser machine. Which one ddid you use?

Please let me know I am so eager to end tnis problem!


Aman Dhillon

i’m looking into getting rid of my unwanted hair myself and through my research i’ve read some good stuff about a product called Finally Free, but it’s hard to know what to trust becasue i couldn’t find any information on it that wasn’t put out by the company itself. has anyone here actually used it or know anything about it?

We have lots of information about them. Most of it bad.

You should stick with the ligitimate machines used by professionals. If you really are going to do this, go to the DIY section and look at the 5 star post string, Ligitimage Machines on Ebay. Go to the very end, and go backwards from there. You will see what is available now, and you will get an idea of what has been up in the past and what it sold for.

I have been having this problem for almost 20 years… I have small fine hairs growing from my nose… not from the inside but all around my nose. It looks like my nose has dirt all around it. I have tried creams, tried shaving (only once) tried pulling them out. squeezing, cleaning strips. they are still there… anyone have any ideas???

Or what it is… how to get rid of it…

Are you out in the sun a lot? This is a problem we see with those that tan too much or have occupations that that require them to be outside a lot. Any irritation to the skin can potentially cause hair to grow.

For such a small area, electrolysis would be the ticket to permanently remove that hair. It shouldn’t cost too much or take a lot of time.