Do it yourself laser?

I was searching the net when i found this web site: , which sells hair removal products. I was wondering if its actually possible for a person to purchase a laser hair removal machine and operate it themselve? Even if the machine is not that powerfull if you own it than you dont have to think about the price all the time and if it doesnt work in the end you can either sell the machine or just forget about it.
P.S. the one i was thinking about was the $5000 machine and also is there any dangers with lasers?
P.P.S I also found this laer which is for home use and only costs $1000, what do u guys think?

Do yourself a favor, hit the search button and enter “Vector” and read some of what comes up. Then, if that doesn’t answer your question, do another search on “DMD” and just for fun, also enter the word “refund” by it.

You could also, just take my word for it and say, SCAMMERS!

From a reader:


Andrea congratulations for your website. My name is Pablo I am from Spain and I am another victim of Global Electrolysis Supply I lost 4200$ in dmd6000 lp a diode laser machine that is useless. This company is a SCAM, I didn’t send back the machine for the refund because I didn’t trust them and because I am too far. I don’t know what can I do to prevent people from buying their products. Please tell me what can I do. Thank you.

Even if Global Electrolysis were not a scam (which it is) I cannot imagine wanting to do your own laser at home! Think about it, people have been horribly burned (leaving permanent scars) and rendered blind or mutilated by lasers IN THE HANDS OF TRAINED PHYSICIANS! Now, if a doctor can make mistakes and hurt somebody, what do you think is likely to happen to somebody trying to do it from home based on reading an instruction manual?

I’m one of the ones who think lasers should only be used by physicians. Texas, where I live, is starting to agree and is cracking down on “laser clinics” and the like.

Don’t worry. You’ll see them on ebay soon. People tired of trying to get their money back from GES, and just wanting to get rid of the thing.

You are correct on the Ebay thing. I recently posted in the DIY section a warning about a listing that was selling a unit the owner had purchased for $4,000 brand new, and was selling it with all the misleading marketing claims of the manufacturer, but with a starting bid of $200.00 and no reserve.

Now ask yourself, why would someone be selling a $4,000 item that is said to be in like new condition, and only be a year old at less than one tenth of the retail purchase price? It is just like the real LASER’s you sometimes find on Ebay that are being sold for a fraction of the purchase price. Why would someone purchase something for $55 to $75,000 and then sell it for $3,000 to $10,000 just 3 to 5 years later?