Do it yourself laser?

Hi… You are all talking about using needles as the best way of removing hair. But I’m not very fond of the idea of piercing my skin with long sharp objects. In this website one can buy a laser instead. I need to know if these lasers are just as useful as the one professional clinics use? I think laser would work greatly on me because i’m lightskinned and have dark hair, but I need some feedback from people who have tried it at home…

  1. Electrolysis involves a hair-thin metal probe slid into the follicle. Done properly, you do not pierce or puncture the skin.

  2. Global Electrolysis Supply is a complete scam, and that “laser” is the biggest scam of all the dozens of scam devices they sell.

Ok, So what do you suggest i buy then? I’m kinda desperate…

Hair removal is not a simple thing. Read Andrea’s web site from start to finish - that will tell you most, if not all, of what you need to know. If you’re still determined to try self hair removal, read through the postings here - you’ll get some ideas of good machines to get.

So the lasers available for home use do not work on the same principles as the ones used in professional practices? Are there none that might work?

Same principle, they are just not strong enough and don’t have a large enough spot size to be effective. The Global Electrolysis ones with the larger spot size look as if they need an active cooling system to protect the skin.

There is another web site that sells a do-it-yourself laser. Has anyone tried it?

http ://www. instanthairremoval. com/lasersandhairremoval. html

Are there good Lasers and also not much expensive that anyone knows? And where can I buy them and how much they cost approximately?

What do you suggest to buy?

And what is better, electrolysis or laser hair removal?

Greetings, use the search feature for the word Epila, and you will find lots of unhappy customers.